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Rowaida Interiors DMCC


Al Khidma, is a professional interior design company created from long experience, insight and the desire to infuse character and imagination into work and living spaces.

We specialize in office and commercial environments.

We have developed a business which is borne from our determination to be the best, to deliver the best, with no compromises.

We offer an extensive selection of turnkey solutions.

Since 2009, Al Khidma has been making an impact on interior design fit out,

allowing us to build a significant client base that trusts us for breathtaking designs, while adhering to delivery times and budgets.

We take our work seriously and ensure that everything is precise

down to the slightest detail. Our clients know our work when they

see it and when you work with us, you’ll have an experience unlike

any other. We are one of the few fit out companies in Dubai that

offer conceptual designs, mood boards to give you a sense of the

ambience, while ensuring a job that is well done. We also understand

the resources of our beautiful planet are limited. That is why we

make an effort to help protect the environment.

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