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Merging Design & Function| Ernestomeda The One

Kitchens speak more than just flavors - it is a reflection of you, in your home. From the luring smell of freshly baked muffins to the batter spills splotched across your countertop, there is something consistently new about a kitchen, everyday - something new that is whipped up right there in the heart of your house. Casamia understands there is more to kitchens, more than just another room, it is the mother’s place of care, the child’s playground and a chef’s center of creativity. That’s why we Featured here is the The One Series by Ernestomeda, exhibiting the base and open back units in midland walnut effect.

know kitchens don’t have to be just built, but designed around you. Introducing the New One by Ernestomeda, a minimal yet resoundingly innovative kitchen series that will appeal to the novice and expert chef alike. Boasting roomy units and a versatile design that is inherently minimal and contemporary, The One by Ernestomeda is the definition of linear structure design and understated finesse.

What differentiates Ernestomeda from others is their effortless sense of design and function, that is visible across all their collections and products. Ernestomeda kitchens are renowned for their optimal utilization of space in addition to their iconic designs that bring a refined elegance to any space or theme. There’s more to kitchens with Ernestomeda, one that transcends all experiences. Pictured above is the larder unit from The One series with tinted glass panels for a contemporary look. “Kitchen’s aren’t just built, but designed around you” - CASAMIA Create an essentially bespoke look for your kitchen by interplaying across the many units that The One offers from base units to the roomy larder unit. Organize your pantry essentials in spaciously set storage

units and have all your daily knick-knacks within arm’s reach. We invite you to experience the Ernestomeda products and installations in-store at Casamia today, with our expert sales consultants on hand to guide you through the many functions

and options helping you design that perfect kitchen - the perfect space to cook, unwind, entertain, and experience.


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