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Questions you should ask when planning a home interior design

It is imperative to plan well in advance when starting interior design for your home. Regardless of whether you are hiring an interior designer for their services or alone, there are still some points you need to consider. Below are some questions you should be looking at before you start designing your home

1. What is your style preference? For example, do you like a modern approach, a classic or a neoclassic one?

2. What is it that you currently love about your home?

3. An area in your house that is your favorite?

4. What are your favorite colors?

5. What colors must be avoided?

6. Do you have any hobbies?

7. Do you experience any allergies to any particular material?

8. Do you host parties or any kind of gathering often?

9. Are you currently working from home? If yes, do you want an office style set-up?

10. What is your budget?

11. Are you open to doing any kind of construction?

12. What are you planning to have?

13. What type and style of curtains do you prefer?

14. What type of lighting do you prefer?

15. What type of flooring you prefer?

16. Are you facing design challenges in your layout?

17. Do you want any extra storage area?

18. Do you like marble or special stones?

19. Within what time frame are you looking at to complete the work?

20. Do you like any form of Artwork?

So now that you are aware of all the questions that should be addressed and sure of all the answers, get ready to design your dream home.


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